Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cabin Fever and some Love

Since, I have been stuck in the house forever and school has been out ALL week because of the snow.  I woke up this morning and saw this on my patio.  It described exactly what I was thinking!

I LOVE that the snow is melting, although I'm pretty sure this is the only spot that melted all day! Oh well, schools out tomorrow too, whoohoo, boohoo!
Here's hoping for a very warm weekend!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Freezing Cold Fun


After thinking we were getting snow a couple of days before and waking up to nothing....

                          This is what we woke up to yesterday! 6 inches of freezing cold F-U-N!!

and after putting enough clothes on for 25-30 people we were ready to have a Snow day!

                            We don't have a sled so we drug the old air mattress out of the attic....

        Our driveway is pretty steep but not as steep as the road up next to our driveway...

                                                   So we thought we would give it a try...

Definitely better!!!


                                                 Buuuud enjoyed digging in it more than anything!



Random I know...but I think trees like this look so pretty and unreal with snow on them! Don't they remind of those little fake trees you put in your miniature Christmas village?

              And after about an hour it was time to get warm again. We had a was like a little vacation, but without the travel time and packing. Although the same amount of laundry! Hope your day has been filled with freezing cold fun!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Hustle and Bustle

Wow, my apologies to all that used to frequent this blog.  I love to blog but it has just not been on the priority list.  I have been caught up in all things Christmas, just like you I'm sure. You know, trimming the house, shopping, parties, banquets, etc. I was thinking of making a fresh start, so things may change come January. I am still on the fence. Anyway....I feel like playing catch up so here it goes...

This was our annual Christmas Banquet at church. Eli and cute little Natalie right before their performance.

Eli, in case you were wondering is on the other side of the beautiful blonde.

Next up was the Jr. Choir and Kennedy is the one in the black and white! She was excited!

Then yesterday it was snowing for the first time this winter. I could not believe all the snowflakes that really looked like snowflakes! And for some strange reason my niece wanted me to take some pics of her and her new beau, Chris. Not sure if they are doing their own Christmas cards or what. Here are few samples...

                                                        That's snow not dandruff : )

It was FREEZING!!! So, I "double dog dared" Rach to see if her tongue stuck to the didn't!

Like I said this is what we woke up to this morning!

And after 30 minutes of getting dressed, we spent about 4 minutes total outside. 

Just long enough to do this : )

I hope everyone out there is having a wonderful winter!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Six-year-old Drama

Kennedy is into having her hair fixed...if she had it her way it would be curled and fancied up everyday for school.  On Sundays I do fix it for church. But instead of curling it yesterday, I thought I would try something a little different for her...let's just say the pictures below will tell you if she liked it or not.

But she's like her momma and can't stay mad very long !

Sorry for the blur, I was laughing while trying to snap these ;)

Oh, yes and she has lost those since the last time we talked!

Heaven help me...we have a long way to go!

Monday, November 1, 2010

October {updated}

Well this has been a busy month that has seemed to FLY by!  For cryin out loud we are in the month of Thanksgiving already and should I dare mention that Christmas is just 7 weeks away!! I know right?  So, I need to play catch up a bit.

Oh, and by the way....I despise how Blogger does the picture uploads now.  So some things might be out of order because I'm sick of trying to place the picture where it belongs but it won't stay there, UGGGH!

Well, one day daddy played hookie(?) from work and we went downtown and played at the library and park

                                                                        The Library

                                                          The park where we feed the ducks!

            Site seeing... Its funny that we took our kids around our own town to show them things...Kennedy didn't even know this was our Courthouse.  Note to self, do this more often! I think they need to know our town before we travel and educate them on other places!

                                               Grace spent the night, during Fall break! and requested pancakes.

I caught E having a blast with some baby powder...He was so proud I could barely spank him!  We are completely out of baby powder now!

Jacob cut out some foam words for a women's conference...then we painted and glittered them ....I will have purple glitter in my garage  FOREVAAH!

 And of course Halloween...the theme this year was FREEEE! And as you can see I recycled E's birthday outfit, so he could be Clark Kent and got my mom to sew the yellow trim on K's skirt and made the felt collar with just a piece of Velcro on the back to go around her neck for Olive Oyl!

We had a block party at church outside, our choir sang and our pastor preached a small message.  After that we had booths set up in our Gym with inflatables and free food!  Each booth had candy to put in your bucket after you played the was "buckets" of fun : )

                               Below Reagan Sarah's little girl with Kennedy!  They're best bud's!

And this is one of Eli's friends...Bradyn, Jennifer's Cutie. His dad was Woody, how cute!

                                  And of course my niece's were there...Rachael!

                                                                        And GRACE!

The Queen of Heart's had a booth, Kennedy loves her!

And we had 2 booths...Hillbilly golf and below bobbing for pickles!

                                       This is Andrew, my nephew.  He was the first to get a pickle!  I was really surprised at the number of kids who actually WANTED to do was pretty funny ;)

                            And below are the pictures that Blogger does NOT want me to move..

 We took Kenners to KK because she made straight A's...don't forget they give you free doughnuts for every A you make!

And last Thursday was costume day at mom hadn't sewn Olive Oyl yet, so we had to think of something on the fly..she was a stay at home mom!

And once again...Halloween courtesy of Blogger or me just not knowing how to work this thing yet! 

October was fun and stressful, as are most months, but I'm glad it's finally November!

SPECIAL THANKS to my MOM...who is extraordinarily talented and GENEROUS (wink)!