Monday, February 1, 2010

Marriage Retreat is O so sweet!

Ok I wish I could say I redid my bedroom and put a beautiful fireplace in it and made it all cozy and romantic, but I didn't. I went to our Anuual Marriage retreat last weekend!  It was awesome as it always is.  Eleven & 1/2 years of marriage and we have never missed one and maybe thats why I can say 11 & 1/2 years...or at leat I know its one reason why we can say 11 & 1/2 very precious wonderful years together. 
Ok we had to set the camera up for this and apparently it was not focused on us.
This was waiting for us on arrival, not the doughnuts we purchased those.... duh! That just made it that much better.  To sit in bed and pig out on KK do-nuts and junk food while watching TV without and kiddos to interrupt it was a lil bit O' heaven!
I will have to say I was a little reluctant to go since we were supposed to have a BLIZZARD coming our way, but it passed us by and just left us a beautiful blanket of snow on the roofs and ground and NOT on the streets....Thanks Lord!
Obviously the theme throughout this Hotel is CHRISTMAS 24/7 365 days a year...  Needless to say this pic really confused my 2 year old!  He's a little smaller than he thought I 'm sure.
We had an awesome time at the classes our Guest speakers and Bro. & Sis C and the Z's (in the middle) did an awesome job on the panel discussion!
It was a time to "Reconnect" ...that was the theme.  It was a little charge in our marital battery! And so worth the investment and time!
We were ready to head home and this lil' guy was greeting us as we turned into the neighborhood.
There is no place like home and I am so thankful we can take what we have learned from Marriage Retreat back to this place and with the help of God make it A VERY BLESSED NEST! 

P.S.  Thanks Mom AKA the babysitter, couldn't have gone without you!


Simply Stafford said...

I am O sOOOO jealous!!! I hate we missed marriage retreat, again. Take a look at my post, HOME SWEET HOME, for a peek at our weekend! Glad ya'll had a good time. We'll have to get the DVD's. BTW did I mention I hate snow???

Mad Sewing Love said...

Awe. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to be! You wouldn't happen to be pentecostal would you?

Kerri@averyblessednest said...

Yes I am apostolic how abut you? I have already met one other sister thru blog land, its a small world!