Tuesday, April 6, 2010

32 Things you might not know

Easter Sunday I turned 32 (sigh)!  I can honestly say Birthdays are no fun when celebrated on a Holiday!  I feel so sorry for anyone whose birthday is on Christmas! In honor of my B-day I am letting you know 32 things about  Moi just incase you care!

1. I was born and raised where I live now!
2. I didn't get my Drivers License until I was 17
3. My first job was at Revco
4. I love the beach (who doesn't)
5. I hate do not like Wal-Mart and avoid it at all costs
6. I deliverd both my kiddos in 5 hours
7. I am the baby of my family
8. My sister has 5 kids (Love them mucho grande)
9. I hate TV
10. I met my husband in the 7th Grade
11. We did not like each other AT ALL!
12. I am determined to know how to sew
13. My husband and I have purchased a house before that only cost 20,000
14. It was a nightmare
15. My sister never answers my calls only texts and it annoys me!
16. I still have nightmares and get scared and wake my hubs up to hold me
17. I can't hold a grudge even if I want to
18. I had braces for 5 years
19. I need to clean my toilets
20. I will tomorrow
21. My first car was a 1982 Toyota Corolla
22. My brother is 9 years older than me (love him mucho grande too!)
23. I sucked my thumb until I was 12 years old (see #18)
24. I hardly ever go anywhere by myself
25. Our dream vacation would be to Egypt
26. I do not like perfume
27. I am terrified of semi trucks swerving into my lane when we travel and freak out if I see thier signal on
28. I was engaged for 6 weeks
29. I have been married for 12 years this July
30. I used to teach Kindergarten
31. My favorite thing I have ever done is be a mom!
32. I am glad I am not older than 32!

Here are few pics of the day I turned 32....

Mom hosted the Easter egg hunt and dinner...Thanks to everyone who shared this day with me!


Simply Stafford said...

Ok, #25 took me a little off guard! Hope your day was GREAT!

a very blessed lady! said...

not with kids

Lindsayb-mo said...

Hope you had a good birthday and a good Easter!

Anonymous said...

First, Happy Belated Birthday. What a gorgeous family.

I also have this fear of Semi-Trucks gong in to my lane.

lou said...

Happy Birthday , Kerri - I agree with #5 and had no idea you and Jacob didn't like each other in middle school, how funny!

Cindy said...

It looks like your kiddos had a fun day on your birthday! You kids and husband are gorgeous! You have a lovely family, Happy Belated Birthday! Hugs, Cindy S

Kimmy @ my beautifully blessed life said...

Well Happy Birthday to you! I loved reading your random facts! I as well hate Walmarts and avoid them at all costs (I'm a Target kind of gal) and I also met my husband in the 7th grade & we also did not like each other at all, in fact I used to pick on him all the time! Funny if we had only known what God had planned for us :) Hope you had a blessed bday!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Have a wonderful b-day!

Anonymous said...

oooo soooo true! You sucked your thumb even after you got braces....:P

Debbie said...

#s 19 and 20 crack me up!!
My birthday is the day before Christmas. Not so bad... really. I think I would hate a Christmas birthday too!

Happy (belated) Birthday. Good grief, 32 is PRACTICALLY A TEEN!

Mom2One said...

Love it! You're so real and that's really cool. =0) Glad you had a fun birthday! I can't imagine what your day was like with all the craziness we experienced between church services Sunday. I'm still worn out from the weekend. Love the pics of your family! You are certainly blessed beyond measure!!!

amanda said...

Love the list...and Happy Birthday.

Kim said...

32 looks pretty good! I'm glad that you had a good birthday & a happy Easter.

the momma said...

I thought i already commented here...apparently I did not :0)
Your family looks ADORABLE!!! love the bowties, love the ruffly dress--so stinkin' cute!