Monday, June 21, 2010

22 hours a day for 5 days!!!

Got Camp??? That is where I have been all week, my laptop died the first day I was there... and having had to stay up for 22 hours a day for 5 days straight has led me to complete and utter exhaustion...We had a blast!!! In fact, I had my camera in my car, but was too tired to think about pressing the button to snap some pictures...SORRY!

(This pic is from last years camp, just so you get an idea)

It was our annual YOUTH camp at Mars Hill College and it was AMAZING!!!!  Our young people were preached to and they responded, it was an awesome move of GOD! The theme was UPSIDE DOWN and it was all about OUTREACH and turning your city upside down, it really made you see outside yourself which is so needed! We had an actual outreach on the last day and invited over 100 people to a nearby Apostolic church, yesterday they gave the report that they picked up over 15 people and 1 person was baptized last night! Outreach is addicting, I love it!

And then there was Father's Day, my husband and I do not get into it that is a "hallmark" holiday to us! But I make sure that the kids and I show him and tell him how much he is appreciated! Because he certainly is!

In honor of my man, and since he has been a Father for 6 years... here are 6 things that make him an AMAZING DAD!!

1. He loves God and puts him above all (even us)
2. He is a GOOD husband
3. He is selfless, ALWAYS makes sure we have what we need/want and NEVER wants for himself!!! which can get on my nerves, especially when he is walking around with a hole in his shoe and won't let me buy him any! (honey if you're reading this please go get some!)
4. He is a good problem solver, physically and spiritually
5. He is consistent
6. He knows without GOD he would be none of these things!

I couldn't miss out on an opportunity to provide all with a picture of my dear hubs in his "blog uniform".  I love you BABE, Happy FATHER'S DAY!


Debbie said...

Well, I wondered who gave you a hall pass! You had been gone too long...

I'm so glad that your absence was for a wonderful reason. I have such fantastic memories of my own youth camp days at "Camp Crossroads" all those years ago. I loved it when my own girls reached the youth camp age and had their own powerful experiences. You come home refreshed in the Spirit and ready to do what we're here to do!

I like the Upside Down theme!

Debbie said...

And your Mr. Minnie Mouse is a cutie.

mississippi artist said...

Glad you had a good time, but also glad you are back. Try to grt some rest!

Lori said...

He better get ready to be able to use a shotgun with that gorgeous daughter of yours. We have three girls, if you raise them in God's way they tend to find or draw the Godly men to them. But, still you worry.

Simply Stafford said...

Glad you are home and glad camp was so great this year!