Thursday, December 31, 2009

Our Latest Crazy Idea!

Okay, this is me (on left) and my friend Sarah (on right)!  I had no idea what to blog about today until she emailed me after I had told her I had posted her blog on The Nesting Place.  In return she had said she had laughed all day at how stupid we are because we literally started our new blogs 2 days ago and yes they are both a little lame right now, but I said, "you have to start somewhere!"

And yes we crack ourselves up!  We have done some really stupid crazy things like:  Driving to Ohio 5 hours away just because that was the closest Pottery Barn there was and I think we got like 30$ worth of stuff, so not worth it since we drove back that night also!  We have purchased houses right beside each other, just to Sale them and wish we were living there now! Went in together to split a single pallete of laminate flooring for our houses (yes that is how small they were) We have traded our rugs, and furniture and just about anything else we can think of! Ran all over town to purchase things for 1$ or 3$ for each other.   An O how I wish I had the pic of us pregnant as Twins! And I must mention that our poor husbands have had to endure it all!  They even went to Ohio with us!  And now we have started our very own blogs that could really use some more posts right now, not to mention some followers! Oh and btw could our shoe soles be any thicker? LOL! 

Sarah please continue this post if desired on your AWESOME blog

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