Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Movin" on up!

 I'm not moving, but.....

I highly recommend helping someone else move. My husband and I helped my sister move.  And my sister NEVER gives me anything of hers and in fact if I even hint that something is of interest to me she automatically says she "NEEDS" that she is "DEFINITLY using that" even though it has been sittng in her garage for over a year! Okay I'm done venting, so under the stress of moving she was so over everything she had and in the mood to purge! And I was in the mood to accept.

The dresser above does really look bad in the pic and I can't tell you how bad my husband did not want me to take this!  But the drawers really do work except for the bottom one, but it doesn't matter FREE can be worked with and if I mess it up WHO CARES, no harm done it can just go to the GW! I have a vision for this dresser even more than ever now since my husband keeps telling me it needs to go in the garbage!

And then there is this black rug in great shape! My sister said she had no need for it in her new house and it matches my bedroom perfectly!  She was in a REALLY good mood! I had to take advantage of it....with 5 kids that doesn't come along often! Just kidding(sort of )  My sis knows I heart her MUCHO!

And then there is this BEAUT!!! which I have a vision for and it doesn't include the same location as my adress but it was FREE so my hubbs scored something too!  The next time you hear someone is moving hop on the moving truck you might just get a lil' somethin' somethin' for yourself !
P.S.  Check back to see if my vision comes thru on the dresser! I really wanted to say check back to see if I prove the hubbs wrong but that would be mean.


Simply Stafford said...

Hope Whit doesen't read your post today, she may come back for her stuff! JK ;)

a very blessed lady! said...

no she will come back for it after she sees what I do to it!

Mommy 2 One Angel said...

I can clearly see the vision you have for the chest your sis gave you. I love the molding on it! It's going to look great once you re-invent it. Yea, pretty sure she's gonna want that back. ;0) Hope the kiddos are feeling better soon. Missed you this weekend. I bet your hubs is one happy camper with the Saints' win and all! We need to have a thrifting meet soon!!! Ready, set, go! LOL

a very blessed lady! said...

Thanks, I agree about the thrift meet, especially after Sarah's finds and yes about the hubs GEAUX SAINTS thats all I've heard!!!