Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Normal Stinx!

I have been very inspired by ALL in blogland that have manged to get out of debt and especially at such young ages, with multiple children and in a fairly short period of time.

 I and my husband and 2 children are on a budget and have always loved Dave Ramsey. B4 kiddos my hubs and I went to his 5 hour seminar here locally and were hooked! We had just purchased a home and had some student loans, but that was it at the time. I can even remember when we first went to get the loan for our home, the loan officer looked a little shocked at our paper work and as we looked at each other thinking we were not approved. She turned to us and said this is awesome you all have no debt!!! Like she was shocked, at the time we were too poor to even think about debt we didn't know any other way to live! Looking back I know why she looked so shocked and I wish we had that same thing to say for ourselves now.

So, now that we have awakened from our backslidden (from Dave Ramsey) state and seen that life is too short to continue to stay in debt. Don't get me wrong we are blessed beyond measure I am thankful for all we have, but God's ways are perfect!

I will be posting the changes our family is making in hopes to encourage US as well as others to get out and stay out of debt. I'm sick of living a "NORMAL" life....Normal stinx I want to be WEIRD like Dave Ramsey says so well and I will keep reminding myself of that when the opportunities for new "things" and all the debt that goes with them roll by!


Heather Nicole said...

my husband and i would love to do the same but it seems a very far reaching goal when we have a house payment, car payment, etc. we are somewhat familiar with dave ramsey b/c of our local christian radio station, but we have not attended a seminar. any specific blogs that talk about their families getting out of debt? i would love to read about them. thanks! inspiring!

lou said...

we abide by the "act your wage" motto..not always glamorous but eventually it will pay off!!

Trish said...

We are BIG Dave Ramsey fans at our house. We are on Baby step #2. We started our debt free journey on January 1, 2008 with just over 90,000 in debt. NOT counting our mortgage. In 2 years we have knocked it down to $40K. Snowballing WORKS!!! We will be debt free later this year.

a very blessed lady! said...

yes Heather there a few blogs that inspired me www.reflectionsofaprincess.com and thehappyhousewife.com and enemyofdebt.com I am sure there are so many more! Good luck

a very blessed lady! said...

thanks for the comments everyone..its encouraging to hear this works...Its putting it into action thats hard!

Kayci said...

LOL...we are doing the Dave Ramsey FPU at our church...it is GREAT!!

Confessions from the Laundry Room said...

It is an awesome life to lead.

Great support group @ www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com [dave's community].

It can be done by any family type with any income and no matter the debt amount.

It is scary at first to not have 'the cards' but once you get used to it...there is freedom.

We have been debtfree since 2007.

Mommy 2 One Angel said...

You inspire me. Just sayin'. We too are working on being debt free. Oh my..it's a struggle, but what keeps me going is the future of my kiddo (and any future rugrats to come...) I want to teach him good money spending/saving skills. You always want better for your kids than you've had...you know? I'm so glad you started a blog. It's awesome!!

Heather Nicole said...

Trish, you said you will be debt free this year...does that include your mortage?? in just 2 years??? AWESOME!!!