Friday, July 9, 2010

The Lil' Man cave.....SNEAK PEAK

Now 2 days into my lil' man's cave and total makeover... I realize that I am indecisive to say the least.  I had all these plans and they went down the tubes.  When my husband who usually keeps his opinion to himself, decided to tell me the day we are going to pick up Eli's bed the he hates strongly dislikes the SOCK MONKEY idea.... to quote me...."GASP"!  I was shocked and disappointed, not to mention back to square one.  BUT his opinion matters to me! Apparently, the sock monkey idea did not ring the TESTOSTERONE bell .  So, I pulled the Potterybarn catalogues out of the bathroom, and inspiration STRUCK!

There it was in all it's glory...a GREEN chalkboard wall and I just so happened to have that exact paint in my garage ;) I also love that the room is not a theme and that it has NAVY! Seeing as how painting over his furniture is not my idea of FUN!

So here it is...I definitely suggest painting a small wall with this stuff...not fun to trim twice!

I chose the wall at the entry of his room just because it was little and I wanted too :)

My man loves the DRUMS and GUITAR !! I had taken this picture the day after Christmas.  I also have several of him with his GREEN TAR, as he calls it that will be added. Man, don't you love it when things just work out like that?

Eli and his Pa' Paw's guitar, making some music for me to paint by!

I must say, in all of this, I have realized that decorating a boys room can be challenging.  Especially, after decorating my little girls room cute and GIRLY, IT'S JUST TOO EASY!

 After countless PB catalogues, I was inspired by CLASSIC...isn't this the reason we ALL HEART PB? But, hopefully I can pull this look off on a TARGET budget!!!

Fingers crossed, I will have more to show you by MONDAY, See ya soon ;)


Hannie.. said...

This is an Adorable idea!!
i'm sure he'll love it!
BTW- we've jogged once this week ur a SLACKER;) lol.
LOVE YA! -hannie!

Mom2One said...

Pottery Barn makes me smile really big and chalkboard paint rocks in every sort of way. Put the two together and you've got a hit! Can't wait to see the finished product. =) Btw YOU have an award to accept from yours truly (ME!) I totally enjoy your blog! Thanks for blogging with substance!! Missed ya' tonight! Whitney told us what happened...too funny!

Debbie said...

Since I'm record somewhere around here saying that I liked the blue furniture, I'm glad it's staying! .
I love your PB inspiration and what I've seen so far of the cave. The chalkboard wall gets two thumbs up!

I agree that decorating a girl room is infinitely easier. Keep up the good work on the boy cave challenge.