Monday, August 9, 2010


I actually arrived home Friday, but I am just getting the energy to post this.  The first 24 hours of camp was a bit rough, but man alive after that I had a blast, so you can imagine how much fun the kiddos had, since it WAS  meant for them!

I have a lot of pics, so I will keep my words brief and let them tell the tale!

A photo shoot with Kennedy and Sarah on the way there...

As you can see, 5 star accommodations...I kid, this is camp what did you expect ;)

and OH, how I wish I had a picture of the bathrooms, one big open room as the walk thru to the other side...ZERO privacy any where...we got to know each other REAL quick!!!

We had many activities in this old room, which later turned into a haunted kitchen in the back just for the older ones...and just so you was awesome!! They came up with it on the fly, because the kitchen was old and creepy anyway. No pics of that sorry!

This was my group of girls of which all were first time campers...they had a BALL!

I had my lil' camera so this pic does not do this view justice. We were suppose to HIKE to the top of this mountain, but they had MERCY on us and loaded the kids up in the trucks and took us there! It was B-U-T-ful!!!

Us in the trucks on our way there...did I mention at the top of the mountain was the ONLY place we had cell service ;(  We were really roughin' it!

Oh, and we were only there long enough for me to make one phone call and no one would answer, story of my life!

A view of the inside of the truck on the way....SQUISHED!

Wednesday night was FUN night and also the CRAZY HAIR contest!

This was my groups idea, complete with REAL sprinkles and cherry! Can't tell you how long it took to give these girls a shower!

Some more crazy hair...

For some reason I can't figure out how to get my sideways pics to rotate, sorry just gently turn your head to the right : )

More crazy hair and some games with DEAD FISH??

LOTS AND LOTS of prankin' going on!!! At one point we locked our luggage in a lady's truck who offered because of it... all in fun ; )

                                      Popcorn and a movie at the outdoor amphitheater!!

2 water days!!!

The church services were great!! 5 kids received the
Holy Ghost, it was a great move of GOD!

Once again please turn head sideways, UGGGH! All the campers got an award specifically based on their trait or personality, they were lovin' this!

Last picture sideways...I promise!!!  Apparently its tradition for the staff to make a pyramid each year. I spared you the pic of the ladies I was on the bottom if you want to use your imagination : )

This was one "Happy Camper"!

After this it was time to pack up and head home...

and if you read the last post, you know that I came home to my husband waiting in the parking lot for me, which was so great since I hadn't been able to talk to him in 4-ever.  He had to go back to work after he loaded our luggage, but he told me there was a surprise waiting for me...

Man Oh Man,did I ball my eyeballs out cry, due to the sweetness of the hubs and the sleep deprivation might have had something to do with it too!!

He had it all set up and ready to go, complete with my favorite coffee on top! I will say it took me a while to figure out that he had hacked into my blog guest blogged about his week with Eli. 

Honey, I know that you will see this...THANK YOU for your SWEET surprise for me...I think I would go out of town more often after that, but I missed you and E way to much!!! You ARE the best of the best!

I can't tell you how bad I needed a GOOD cup of coffee after that week : )

Also thanks to all who commented to J's guest post. Just so you know, the first thing he did when he walked in the door was check them all out!! hehe, now he understands the whole "blogging addiction"!

Next on the list...starting 1st grade, sigh!



Mom2One said...

Camp looks like fun! =) The pictures were great, yes even if I had to gently turn my head to the side. =) Enjoy your last week of (official) summer and give your happy lil' camper a hug for me. She's such a beautie! =)

Ellie said...

Camp looks so fun! Kennedy is beautiful- don't tell her! ;) Awesome surprise too!

Debbie said...

I have totally enjoyed this post! It made me think of my own wonderful days at our church camp, Camp Crossroads, when I was a young girl.

It blessed my heart to see and hear of your week.

And that man of yours? Oh mercy! He's a keeper. Welcome home!

Cindy said...

Glad to know you got home okay, your hubby's post was so hilarious. I enjoyed it so much. I even had my hubby to go and read it, he thought it was pretty funny. He totally got it, which I thought was neat. Looks like you and your daughter had a good time.
Hugs, Cindy S

Cindy said...

Oh and I wanted to tell you that when I read where your husband used the air compressor to blow the styrofoam out of your son's hair I howled!!! Sooo like a man.

Simply Stafford said...

glad you guys had a good time and glad you are home!! sounds like i might be right there with ya next year....not so sure about the 1 big shower thing....i might be like preston e. & get the award for the "least showers" for the week!!!

Uncovered Ruby said...

How much fun you guys had at camp! It looks exhausting ;-). I went back and read your hubbies post too, how incredibly sweet to get you the coffee machine for a surprise. Isn't it nice to be so loved and missed?
Blessings~~ Lisa

Anonymous said...

You made camp look so fun!!! Glad you got to go!! Enjoy your Keurig!!! I love mine :)