Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Summer "We Did" List

We have done a few things since school has let out....the slip n slide, camp, several graduation ceremonies, but it's really starting to feel like Summer is going by fast. I have a lot to catch up on I am a little behind.  This week is CAMP GRANDMA'S at my mom's (more on that later).  For now it's time to go back to last Friday!

I found out that there were some fountains for the kids to play in at a local college campus.  So, my friend Sarah and I picked a day to have a picnic and let the kids play in them.

We sat there enjoying our picnic while we waited for the fountains to be turned on only to find out, after patiently waiting as long as anyone could with a 1, 2, 5, and 6 year old, that the fountains were closed for maintenance.  They have only been open a week, what's up with that?

Disappointed, we moved about 30 minutes down the road to another location that we knew would have their fountains open. They were more than we expected....HUGE and AWESOME!

The kids were lovin' it while Sarah and I were wishing we had some waterproof clothing on!


Trust me, we still got wet, it was hard not to.

Needless to say, they had a blast!!!

and right beside it was a REALLY HOT playground for them to play on!

It was a 2 for 1...Jackpot!

The kids We all wore ourselves out!!!

We had a blast making memories together, I see more of this to come! Next time I will come a little more prepared, hopefully.

Now that I know the parking lot is at least a block away, I don't need to bring a gigantic camera and I need to wear clothes that I wouldn't mind getting wet!

I thought for sure I would have some NAPPERS on the way home, but it didn't happen, mostly because I broke out the Popsicles in the car. So, when we got home I stripped the kids down and started getting the really wet  laundry together... about 10 minutes later I walked through the living room to find THIS!

My lil' man had snuggled up in the chair all by himself. He couldn't wait on Mom to put down for nap this time!

We had a great day!


Debbie said...

Looks like the wonderful adventures that I used to take with my sister when our kids were little. You're such great mommies to do it.

And I love the picture of your little man on the swing the best. That one is priceless. Lookout girls...

Simply Stafford said...

So funny, I started a post of the same thing but have not added my pics Cant wait til the ones closest to home are open, I'm sure we will get our fill! BTW Eli looks just like Jacob in the pic on the swing!

Anonymous said...

How fun. We have a fountain area downtown and the kids love it. We haven't been yet. Gonna make it a date, now.

By the way I love the outfits the girls have on.