Saturday, July 3, 2010

S'more "We Did"

After our big FOUNTAIN experience, we had a Bonfire with the Fam! My sister and her kids came over for some dinner and a FIRE!

Another thing on our "We did" list for the summer!

We were in luck, since we literally have ZERO trees in our yard, a lady up the street had just cut down a very large tree, so Jacob asked her if we could have some for our Bonfire.  She was thrilled for us to take some off her hands ;) NEED WOOD? 

It was one of those rare occasions, when my niece Rachael was there.  She is almost always MIA since she graduated!  So glad she and her boyfriend could make it!

There she is in all her can see she comes by this honestly (those are her parents)

We broke out the S'mores! Which Jason obviously adores!

and so do the kids... It was my first one, they ARE pretty good! My mom made some the other night with Reece cups instead of Hershey bars....YUMMMMY!

Dee was proud of hers...she made it all by herself!

Aparently, you cannot eat these without getting them ON your face!

And we topped off the evening after
dinner and dessert with some GREAT entertainment from the kiddos!

Stay tuned for our next "We Did" adventure. It was quite interesting  ;)

Oh and BTW, we are off to get my lil' man a BIG BOY bed today and the paint for his room.

Can't wait to have my bed back, wish us luck on this!


Debbie said...

Please keep sharing these! They bring back such fond memories for me.

Nothing quite says summer any better than s'mores, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

Love you sharing your list. It has acutally put a jump in me step at making sure I stay on path with our list.