Monday, July 5, 2010

Pottery 101

The next adventure we took was a trip to Poka Dot Pottery.  It was officially CAMP GRANDMAS...definition: One week in the Summer when my brother's children from Ohio come down and stay with my mom and my sister and I show up everyday and do stuff with them.

We try to cram as much as possible into 6 days. We usually have a list of things for each day and this year Pottery was on the list. 

This is Tyler my brother's oldest...the best 16 year old boy on planet earth!!! Man, I can't tell you how much I love and miss my brother's kids!  Eli was LOVIN him.  He kept calling him cute!

All the kids picked their own piece to paint and then they let you pick out the colors. 

Of course I had to help my lil' man.  Otherwise, he would have painted the little girl to the right (Emily).

I did the classic, predictable, hand print on the plate...I know, I couldn't help it! I must say I set myself up for disappointment if I break it. But, Eli did do some art of his own on it as well.

I tried, Oh so hard to get Dee to do one on hers, but that was not going to happen.  So, then it made me feel glad that I at least got one out of her brother.

The older kids REALLY got into this.  After I left with my crew they stayed for another hour to finish painting theirs!

Then we topped it off with a cookie :D

I would say to anyone who has not done this before... it was a lot of fun and something that will last a long time (hopefully).  They had to stay there to be "cooked", we pick them up today...can't wait!


Debbie said...

I have never been to a place like that, and I've wanted to. I don't know where one is around here.

I think this is a great idea for such an age range of kids. They could all have fun!

As we say in my house, your mom earned some serious Mommy Points with this outing. Good work!

Simply Stafford said...

I have been wanting to try that place too, looks like fun! I remember doing pottery when I was a kid and it was a lot of fun!

Jen @ said...

That looks so fun!! I have been wanting to take my girls to do pottery for awhile. I think it would be a great thing to do with them!


Jess said...

We have a place like that here and I need to take my kids for Christmas gifts. I did it with my son almost 6 years ago but I think that they would enjoy it again. Thanks for reminding me.

I personally am of the opinion that every toddler should come with a helpful teen.

J- aka Da-ee said...

Wish I could have been there....