Friday, September 10, 2010

The No Sew Way To Go

OK, I  have been neglecting the Blog and after PW's post about blogging, I have GUILT.  So I will try my hardest to be blogging on a daily basis an nourish my blog instead of letting it wilt, as usual.

I do not sew MUCH, just the occasional hem or experiment and a pillow or two. So, when I see something that is NO SEW and I think I can do it, I am lovin' it! I saw a tutorial here for a NO SEW applique....AND I LOVE APPLIQUE'S! So here is my take on it...

Here's whatcha need. An iron of Course and

1. Some SHARP scissors      
2. Fusible webbing                
3. Three coordinating fabrics 

 I started by printing off a picture of what I wanted to applique to the shirt(a pear).  I just typed it into Google images and picked the one I wanted.

Then I cut it out and placed it.  I also cut off the stem and leaf separate to use 3 different coordinating materials.

Next you just follow the directions on the back of the fusible webbing package.

One piece at a time.

Next I took the same 3 fabrics and made a coordinating fabric flower which my friend Sarah sells for dirt cheap on her Etsy shop check it out!!

There you have it! This whole project took me about 30-40 minutes and it was fun!

Kenners agreed!!!

I will be buying up some 3$ long sleeve shirts and getting busy for winter, can't wait to make more : )



Shay Kerber said...

Have you washed it yet? How does it come out after it's washed? You did a really great job! Very Cute!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Turned out great! I love appliques too and bought some of that heavy duty fusible webbing that you don't have to sew around the edges but have yet to use it. I'm curious, like Shay, did the shirt wash well? Would love you to join me at A Crafty Soiree, every Thursday.

Amy said...

Cute Cute Cute! Your daughter is adorable! I am a new follower from Frugal Friday- hope you will come visit at

Christy, said...

super cute! love the pear and can't wait to try this with my SEWing machine. I know but I'm addicted to sewing now that I sort of can ;)

Great Job!

new follower from FFF and hopping on my blog today as well

Mariska said...

Super cute. And I think I have the same fabric somewhere in my collection, it was a set of 5 coordinating fat quarters. Great fall colors, you inspired me to go put it to use! Thanks :)

Debbie said...

Oh, WHERE was this when I wanted to make my daughters cute little stuff like that? I can't applique. I'm too daft, but I sure can iron!!

I'm now trying to think of all kinds of applications (or would they be appliquetions?? Ha...) for this.

And I love those flower thingies. I stared at one and tried to figure out how to do one.

Kim said...

AKK! MUST MAKE THIS! And,I have just the fabric that would perfect for a pink themed flower design (my girl is all about the pink flowers). Thanks so much for the idea!

Mom2One said...

I've used some of fusible webbing on a really cute cupcake applique, and it's SO easy!! I've yet to put it in our lil' etsy shop, but it has a matching Tutu and hair bow. I love the yellow shirt and the coordinating materials on the shirt and headband. VERY cute! You have the cutest lil' model of your sweet design. =) We've got to get together soon. I miss Sunday night dinners...YES I even miss cooking for 20 people. LOL Wierd, I know...

Hope you're having a good weekend!

Simply Stafford said...

very cute!! and thanks for the shout out!!

Sandy Ang said...

What a lovely job with fabric !

mississippi artist said...