Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Super "E" turns 3

I have SO been MIA, with reason. Our church has a music conference once a year and J and i have been helping with behind the scenes stuff, along with starting school and Eli's birthday.  It has been hectic to say the least and besides all of that not much to blog about in the process. So, here i am with a post (finally) about my little man, who, turned 3 yesterday!

We had big plans to have a birthday party with friends and such, but man alive, August has been one more busy month.  So, we opted for a get-together with just my immediate family. Plus i couldn't bare for Jennifer to have to buy my lil' man a present since I missed Bradyn's Party ;(  Check it out here. It was so C-U-T-E! and my friend Sarah rarely gets to come to his party since her BIL's birthday is on the same day.  It just worked out better this way for everyone!

E, when asked, wanted a Superman party! I strongly dislike character stuff so i went with the color scheme.

My wonderful mom made this adorable shirt...

and cape!

He was lovin' it

While we enjoyed our birthday feast...

Dad was doing this...told you it was a busy month ;)

and Rachael (my niece) was apparently concerned about keeping her FB up to date...not sure if she really wanted Eli in the pic or not? Love you Rach!

On to opening the gifts...

Big Buzz Lightyear fan!

Does his face say it all?  The boy lu, lu, loves a guitar!

Then we had a "Guest"!!!

Super E's best friend Spiderman came to deliver a present ;)

Eli was supposed to go running to him with open arms but instead he looked like this...

The funniest part was even though he was terrified when Spiderman went over to him to say happy b-day he said "Hi Daddy".  Ahhhh Memories!

Once Daddy took off the mask, he was good to go : )

Best Buds! Thanks, Spidey for coming.

We sang Happy Birthday

 and blew out the candles

and then he made sure that he shot everyone with his new gun before they left.

After they were all gone we PLAYED!!

E rockin out on his guitar

He had a "Super" 3rd Birthday!!!


Lori said...

So cute, loved all the colors and your Mom is a great seamstress.

Debbie said...

Wondered where you were!

I love Super E even more than Super Man! That is adorable, and so is your little man. Love the cupcake. I just really WANT one of those...

And I'm not in the least bit surprised that your Super Dad donned the costume for the fun as well. He's a keeper, that one!

(And don't your two men look alike? Wow!)

Simply Stafford said...

love the shirt and cape! looks like he had a great party!! love the look on his face when he saw cute!

Denise said...

We've missed you here in blogland...glad to have you back. The party was so cute. What a precious little boy you have! When I saw Spiderman I just KNEW it was that awesome husband of yours. Loved it all.

Anonymous said...

How precious. I am so laughing at the spidey thing. How sweet.

Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

I once dressed as Dorothy the dinosaur and my daughter (now 7) still has no idea! Loved the photo of your hubby and son. Spitting image! Great idea using the 3 different colors/patterns with the paper goods. The shirt and cape were awesome too! Happy birthday E!

Mom2One said...

I seriously cannot believe lil' man is 3! Kids grow way too fast. =) I love, love, LOVE the cape and matching shirt! My mom made Bradyn and his monkey matching capes, but Bradyn's just not "that into it" as of yet. I'm sure soon he'll catch on. I just have so many fond memories of my brother running around in his underwear, superman cape, and cowboy boots...(weird I know...) I couldn't imagine NOT having a cape for Bradyn. LOL I'm glad E had a good birthday. I'm with you on the color scheme ordeal. Bradyn's daddy SO wanted to take the easy route and do a cars/lightning mcqueen party, but I just couldn't fathom doing that...Ha! I just have to be difficult sometimes...

I'm glad Bradyn has a buddy that's into Toy Story. We are ALL obsessed with it joke! Great pics! The spiderman idea was aweseome..and I have to sign off now before your computer explodes because of the length of this comment. ;0)

C.R.A.F.T. said...

adorable! come on over and link up to MMM :)